Musculoskeletal disorders and prevention


Musculoskeletal disorders are an integral part of our lives. We will all experience some pain or injury at some point.

Until recently, the treatment of these diseases was done with the use of medication, immobility and in some cases with surgery. Physiotherapy was a rare and short-term strategy.

Our recent research has led to a change in mentality and strategy for treating musculoskeletal disorders (Backache, Cervical Syndrome, Osteoarthritis, etc.).

Physiotherapy is now one of the basic methods of treating musculoskeletal disorders with the aim, in addition to reducing-eliminating the symptoms, of their prevention with simple individualized methods for each patient.

B.E Physio

Our experience allows us to help either in a precautionary or a therapeutical way. Our vision is that every patient will be able to be completely rehabilitated and able to enjoy his life without any pain or restrictions.