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In our physiotherapy clinic, general health issues and patient’s potential abilities are being valued to implement personalized treatment, using modern electronicevaluation and treatment systems as well as modern rehabilitation techniques.

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Our team consists of well-trained and experienced health professionals.


Modern equipment

The physiotherapy clinic possesses a wide variety of state-of-the-art physiotherapy equipment foroptimal results.


Detailed evaluation

Every patient is being thoroughly evaluated, to receive personalized physiotherapy intervention during his treatment.

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Massage is the oldest method to relief pain.

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Ultrasound transforms electricity to high frequency sound waves.

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Electrotherapy, nowadays, is one of the best tools that is used in daily physiotherapy.

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Laser beam treatment

The laser beams are sources of electromagnetic radiation.

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Kinesiotherapy is an integral part of physiotherapy that is used in a wide range of physical ailments and injuries.

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Using a dry needle is a very efficient method for treating muscle tension and twitches.

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This is a pump device in the form of a boot.

B.E Physio

Evaggelia Mpalaska

It is proven that natural means of treatment help in the rehabilitation of problems caused by various diseases.

Physiotherapy in the context of preventive medicine, helps fight and relieve pain, rehabilitate movement and physical function of every patient, no matter if it is a professional athlete that needs specialized solutions, an employee, or an elder person whose self-service ability is the main expectancy that defines his way of life.

We serve all cases according to priority and importance of the problem as well as cases that are covered by EOPPY.

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B.E Physio

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Beautiful and neat place. Professionalism and care combined to perfection. Congratulations. Keep going!

Maria Antonopoulou

Kind and with particular interest for your problem, to find the best ways of rehabilitation. Well done!

Giannis Mavromatis

Exceptional professionals. Modern methods and equipment are used. Very satisfied. Congratulations.

Aris Mavridis

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B.E Physio

Our experience allows us to help either in a precautionary or a therapeutical way. Our vision is that every patient will be able to be completely rehabilitated and able to enjoy his life without any pain or restrictions.